Black Star

Story is Order of the Guardian Moon found a powerful book called the Black Star. Fearing what such power could do in the hands of man they tried to destroy it. The book was too powerful to be destroyed so the order ripped out all the pages and scattered them. These hidden sanctuaries are marked with a white circle, representing the full moon. Only on the full moon do these become visible and can be opened.

The pages contain knowledge and may give powerful magics. Rumor has it that if all the pages are united again the reader gains all knowledge, good and bad.

Supposedly all the places the Order of the Guardian Moon made to house the pages have the following warning;
“Turn back wandering soul before you associate yourself with the evil known as the Black Star. This evil was the harbinger of doom for the golden age of man. To even know it exists brings corruption, but to partake of it’s knowledge brings corruption most extreme.

Long ago man ruled the world and life was mostly good. Then came the Black Star and those who followed it and shortly after civilization was almost destroyed. When men became sparse, the evil turned upon itself before disappearing.

The remnants of man have rebuilt but are only shadows of their former glory. Evil is not completely gone, the Black Star would bring it back again and then everything will be gone for good. Man cannot deal with the Black Star, so everything about it must be hidden.

You cannot handle what you will find here so leave and forget it is here. Tell no one. Thinking you can handle this is just one of the many traps on the path of evil."

Black Star

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