Blacksoul is a country in the Eastern Lands, forming a peninsula in the northeast of the continent’s mainland. Because it is mostly surrounded by ocean, the only land connecting it to the continent is the Wasteland. A type of possessed human is the dominant race, and they have hunted down the normal humans almost to extinction.

Terrain and Creatures
As one gets near the southwest border the land starts to seem more like the Wasteland. All of the coasts are flat lands and well populated. The rest of the country has all configurations of grass, hills, mountains, rivers, and forests. As one nears the middle of the country the population dwindles to small farming villages. The rest of the country has a variety of settlements, but they do little to patrol the land, so it is filled with all variety of creatures.

Besides Blacksoul humans and The Resistance, societies of intelligent races would have to be very well hidden or they’d be hunted down. The variety of other creatures is higher than one would expect from a civilized country.

Little is known about the place’s past. It is suspected that at some point large groups became corrupted, and grew from there. Alternately the Blacksoul humans could’ve always existed, seeing as the country was named “Blacksoul” since the very beginning. Regardless, the Blacksouls were never known to exist until they started a campaign to destroy all the normal humans.

The war started with humans and Blacksouls in equal numbers, but the Blacksouls knew what they were going to do and were well prepared for it. Though the whole war left more than half the country dead, the Blacksoul humans were able to recover to what they have today.

This was many centuries ago, and wasn’t completely successful. There were some humans that survived, living secretly among the tainted population. Such a life was pitiful, but there was no better place to go.

When the Blacksouls found out there were still humans alive they started trying to hunt them down again. The humans were numerous enough that they could actually do some damage, so some formed a resistance to fight back. Over time the resistance gained more supporters, until the point when everyone is either a Blacksoul human or a member of The Resistance.

Besides their part in helping harass the Gein Kingdom to destruction, Blacksoul doesn’t have much else in their past other than the Blacksoul Conflict and some random invasions by The Shield.

The Resistance
Every human who is from Blacksoul, and isn’t corrupted, is part of The Resistance. The goal of The Resistance is to return ownership of Blacksoul to humanity. To themselves they are humanity’s last foothold, but to the Blacksoul civilians they are terrorists.

The Blacksoul Conflict is a way of modern life, more so for The Resistance than for the Blacksouls. While the Blacksoul Army may have far superior numbers, they can’t find the enemy to fight, plus they have a country to maintain. The Resistance has gotten very smart to survive, it is they who pick the battles, and therefore often win. However, just due to numbers, the Blacksoul economy can heal itself faster from the damage The Resistance can do. Not to mention how the side with more numbers breeds faster, so losses aren’t something to worry about.

The Blacksoul Conflict is basically The Resistance causing havoc and preventing anyone important from arising, while the Blacksoul Army defends except for the occasional massacre. The civilians in the country fear The Resistance, which makes the Blacksoul Army have more unrest to deal with.

Despite what they are and the humans hiding in their midst, life in Blacksoul goes on as normally as it can. Being mostly evil, the Blacksoul humans make their country darker than it used to be, but there’s cultures in human history that have been worse.

Weapons and armor in Blacksoul are illegal unless it’s needed for one’s profession. Anyone who needs armed people either gets free State protection, or is able to buy it. Because the land isn’t completely safe, and Blacksoul guards get targetted more often when they leave cities, wilderness jobs are left in civilian hands. Mainly this means hunters and lumberjacks have weapons, few else in the country do.

The country is organized, and the government is referred to as “The State”. Because known leaders would be constantly attacked, the method by which the State makes decisions are well defended and kept in secrecy. All things go through the massive bureaucracy, orders are sent down through the Blacksoul Army, and the people must follow. So if anything, the leaders of settlements are the officers stationed there.

The State fulfills all combative roles with the generic soldiers of the Blacksoul Army.

As for religion, the State basically only accepts what they call the “State Religion”. The State Religion is connected to the government in some unknown way, perhaps making the whole country a theocracy.


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