Brimm Arena

The Arena in Brimm is known by those even far from the town. The Arena is a large circular building near the middle of town.

In this stadium various contests and displays happen, but what makes it famous are the life or death fights. If citizens have a dispute that can only be settled with death, so long as both sides agree, they can do it here. There are also people willing to fight animals, or maybe criminals. Criminals are by far the most commonly killed, and the town is willing to buy those with death sentences from other cities. Criminal fights can be large affairs with whole gangs going at each other. If it wasn’t looked down on, some of the most successful Arena criminals would reach celebrity status.

Needless to say, many religions of Baladras dislike the Arena, though some like it. Many times has this barbaric display been challenged but Lord Trebius Hakar has the authority to keep it. Furthermore, he finds it most entertaining and much better than simple executions. His idea that the people need entertainment, and it still functions as a deterrent to crime, seems to be true.

Sometimes criminals are given the option of the Arena as a chance to get out of other punishment. In this case they aren’t supposed to die, but it can happen. People can even fight in the Arena just for a chance to earn some money. Lord Hakkar has fought in the Arena many times, but is only one of the many champions the people cheer for. It’s a common belief that there is no gain without risk, and the Arena is seen as a place where people can have their lives changed. The Lord finds any outcome of the Arena to be acceptable, because it’s the people’s own choice.

Brimm Arena

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