Circle of Nine

If the doctor is to be believed, then the Circle of Nine consists of 3 masters, 3 members, and 3 initiates. If the members of this circle have the same branding that “Seven”, “Eight” and “Nine” did, then all group members have gone beyond evil. Their symbol is a 9 pointed star.

Apparently the group also has expendable members as well. These people were barely clothed and covered with drawings and scars of evil symbols, including the 9 pointed star.

The Group has heard about the following members;
“Four”, the one who initiated “Seven”.
“Five”, the one who initiated “Eight”.
“Six”, a hideous cannibal priest who had a small following in the traveling Circus.

The Group has met the following members;
“Seven”, an evil doctor from Bethlan.
“Eight”, a female bodyguard and former executioner. She is currently serving a life sentence in the Brimm Arena.
“Nine”, a bell ringer who was killed while working on a Brimm torture wagon.

Circle of Nine

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