El Ahgaz

A permanent town of Gein nomads in Cado Elementuma Terras, it is about 2 months southwest of the Blacksoul border.

The people of the town are passive when it comes to elemental conflicts. They follow the powers of fire and water. Those who come of age have a drop of water tatooed under their right eye and fire tattooed over their left eyebrow.

The town is made up of various huts, typically a round structure 10’ in diameter. These huts are made from stone, clay or wood. There is a small pond in the center of the town. One end of the town goes into a forest. There are no walls or barracks anywhere to be seen.

The town has 700 people in it. There is a small minority of dwarves, halflings, and half orcs. The town is ruled by a council of 9 elders, 3 of which are dwarves.

People of importance;
Umar al’Aalem: Young high elder and master wizard.
Mileena al-Aalem: Wife and apprentice of Umar.
Smashface: Half orc and supposedly the town’s best fighter. He leads the other half orcs like a vigilante gang.
Rungeon McLygon: A dwarf highborn.
“Tiny”: A small and fiesty water elemental that guards the pond.

El Ahgaz

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