encounter with a Cursed Knight

A few days after Torbtas stopped Melcher’s nightmares, the people on one side of El Ahgaz were fleeing. Smashface and the Group went to go see why. They found a death knight, mounted and in full plate. He rode slowly towards then, saying only “Melcher?”.

When Melcher stepped forward the knight charged. Melcher threw his ax at the horse. Kareem then made Melcher giant sized. The knight’s lance penetrated deep into Melcher’s ribs barely missing his heart. Jill and Ari came to Melcher’s aid with healing. Melcher retaliated by putting down knight’s horse, which loudly tossed the knight to the ground. Ari and Kareem tried hitting the knight with their magic and psionics, and saw that their abilities were having no effect.

Meanwhile, Smashface and the only one of his orcs that didn’t flee in fear were apparently unable to do any damage to the knight either. As the knight was rising Kareem blasted the creature in the face with acid. The knight responded by torching half his adversaries with hellfire. Charred but still going strong, Melcher’s falchion had the last word. The knight had fallen, magical energies dissipating from his body.

Before they could loot the body Kareem heard a voice in the wind. “Teleport” he said, “there was someone else here.” Melcher confirmed this suspicion by finding the foot marks of whoever was watching the battle. It would be a long time before the Group knew who or what had occured.

encounter with a Cursed Knight

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