first encounter with a Brimm torture wagon

As the Group neared Lennox, a mule pulled wagon almost passed them by. There was an overly tall man at the controls, and four men on foot at each of the corners. All men had black cloaks with hoods mostly covering their face, one of them was ringing a bell and talking about “witnessing the fate of those that commit the most heinous crimes”. Each wheel of the wagon had a body who’s limbs were broken to the point of full flexibility, and were threaded through the spokes. One body seemed rotted, the others were still alive, and at least one of those bodies was wailing.

The Group couldn’t stand for this, but at first no one acted. Graal eventually fired a crossbow bolt, and Quinn started killing the men entangled in the spokes, which led to a fight. Judge Rundi and “Nine” were injured and captured, along with the other wagon guards.

Quinn started calling Graal crazy and the two decided to fight to determine who would make the decision on what to do next. Quinn won. As the fight was going on “Nine” died, and heavy suspicion fell on “Allen”.

The bodies were buried, “Nine” was burned.

A talk about morality and law ensued, because Judge Rundi was legally sanctioned to run a torture wagon in Brimm, but this was Lennox territory, although Lennox was in chaos at the time. It was decided that no one would be held prisoner, so the wagon people were given their weapons back, on the condition that everyone go to Lennox first, Brimm later.

first encounter with a Brimm torture wagon

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