Gein Kingdom

A kingdom of tan skinned humans and elementals which was destroyed centuries ago. It’s downfall was due to constant conflicts on all borders, and finally a civil war. It’s end allowed the Leaguelands of Vestigius to form.

While it was around, the Gein Kingdom more or less occupied what is now Cado Elementuma Terras, Gein, and the eastern half of the Leaguelands of Vestigius. It’s inhabitants lived in harmony with elementals and nature. With the combined abilities of the humans and all the elemental beings, the kingdom gave the illusion that it was far more advanced than anywhere else in the world. Internally it was peaceful, even opposing elements gave up their dislike for each other to stand a chance versus outside enemies.

Outside threats included Blacksoul from east, who sought to enslave or kill the humans, and spread their borders. The northwest border had The Deadlands, who would tirelessly try and capture anything alive, and were able to replace casualties easily. Various evil races were a threat from the west, and came in large numbers. More evil races would come from Deus ex Lithos in the south, and though they were more of an annoyance, it was constant because those mountains could not be invaded. To top it all off fiends would appear anywhere they wanted with no purpose other than to destroy.

When it was apparent the Gein Kingdom was in an unfixable decline, some of the lesser leaders sold out to the League of Dread, making the Gein Kingdom ill prepared for the combined invasion from the west. This was a big loss for the country, though it still could’ve held out if it stayed united. Yet alot of blame was being thrown around, and some in the elemental factions started fighting the others. This gave the enemies an easier time, and unfortunately for the kingdom’s inhabitants, most of their enemies wanted them dead over alive.

Oral histories of certain nomadic tribes say their elemental ties are something that grew from the first days that humans started to populate the continent. In the beginning the elemental factions fought, but an outside threat was significant enough that all elementals put aside their differences and joined the humans as willing allies. One would think that this is what started the Gein Kingdom, but they say that the war was actually lost. Only those that fled the war survived. They scattered and went in hiding, and it is from these groups that humans spread over the Western Lands.

After the Downfall
No enemy had the reason or resources to take all the lands of the former Gein Kingdom. So the survivors of it were able to live in small groups scattered about. The elementals are looked at as the ones with all the power, but they usually have no interest in leading. Most groups are aligned with a single element, and much of the time opposing elemental factions will fight each other on sight.

Over time the groups got smaller and enemies took more interest in hunting them down. Current descendants exist as nomads in The Wasteland, or have left to live in other lands that have humans. The nomads don’t always get along, but many try their best to prevent anyone from laying claim to The Wastelands.

The Leaguelands of Vestigius were able to expand their borders to the heart of the former Gein Kingdom, despite conflicts with The Deadlands, Phasmavis, and The Shield. However, they were stopped from reaching the opposite coast by a tenuously held alliance of elementals and elementalists, who formed up to make Gein.

Gein Kingdom

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