kill a priest in Flayne

Some members of the Group were ordered to kill a priest in the town of Flayne. Priests are rare enough on their own, but this particular priest had the ability to detect untainted humans, so he was a threat that had to be immediately killed before any more damage could be caused.

Ari, Kareem, and Melcher were told to meet a person in Moorewood under the guise that they were being hired to hunt down a wolf named “Stalker”. At the Greasy Weasel Tavern they met with Egdar who told them what to do and what they needed to know. They would sneak to Flayne and take out the priest, then find “Tea” and “Rain” in the forest, take the skin of “Stalker”, and return to the Greasy Weasel Tavern like they were out hunting wolves the whole time.

The Group ambushed the priest at midnight when he was alone for his daily prayers. They did this by hiding on the roof of the shrine and shooting at him through the bell hole opening. When he retreated Ari’s servant and Melcher stopped and killed him right in front of the shrine. The Group scattered to escape, with Melcher killing many more guards on the way out (with some minor help from a scarred bar patron who seemed to hate the city guards).

When it was all done the priest and 7 Blacksoul soldiers were dead. Even after conflict with “Stalker’s” wolves, the group was able to make it to Moorewood before the Flayne rider carrying the wanted posters. The Group was able to report back to Egdar for their reward, promotion, and reassignment to a safely distant Resistance location.

kill a priest in Flayne

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