Lennox is a city northwest of Hammond and south of Brimm. Both cities are about 2 weeks away if travelling on foot. The current lord is Lord Eugene Matheson, but some would say the “Admiral” is in charge.

Lennox is not considered by most to be an official part of the country, it is now considered lost to civil disorder. It is thought that the place is only left alone because it is self contained.

Due to the dangers of travelling near Lennox, mainly due to bandits, there is a severe lack of travel in this corner of the country. Another factor was that with Lennox lost, Brimm concentrated more on trading with it’s neighbors to the north. Both factors have caused Hammond to take on all business in this area, making it like a sub-capitol.


The city is like a rounded rectangle going east to west, with a bulge in the northeast corner. The entire city looks to be damaged from years of fighting and lack of repair. There are walls around the entire city, which would’ve been 12’ tall, but the walls were never finished on the west side, due to Lord Eugene Matheson losing control.

Later the Admiral’s men sealed the gaps and added onto the existing wall with makeshift materials. Now the walls are 20’ around the entire city and the Admiral’s men own almost all of it. The “Admiral” also has a few fortified sections scattered about the city, including the only gate out. The gate is actually 2 gates 15’ apart, this is encompassed by a 40’ tall tower made entirely from sheets of scrap metal.

The bulge in the northeast corner of the city are the walls around the castle area, which are 20’ tall and not of makeshift construction. These walls also have outward facing balista and spiked fencing on top. Fencing which sometimes has bodies of those the lord gets very angry with. The castle area contains the castle itself, and all of the government and Lennox Guard buildings that were hastily remade along the inside of the castle area’s walls. The walls around this area are octagonal, and in the southwestern portion there is a gate leading to the noble quarter.

The noble quarter used to be a nice place, but lack of materials has prevented it’s maintenance. Most of the noble families survived in one way or another, but there is little that now distiguishes them from each other. The noble quarter, and everything about the castle area are controlled by Lord Eugene Matheson and the Lennox Guard. Despite being pointless, the noble quarter is the only section of Lennox that looks like a normal city.

Other areas of note are the Admiral’s Tavern, headquarters of the “Admiral” and the Admiral’s men, which is in the middle eastern section of the city, just north of the gate. The “Priestess” has a small fortified area near the west half of the south wall, this contains the Way of Stone temple and the Hopefuls Inn. There is also the Lennox den tunnels, which are under the city.


History will say that 5 years ago Lord David Matheson, great grandson of Byron the Mathematician, died of the rot, and his oldest son was supposed to take over. However, Hubert Matheson, the oldest son, was killed by bandits while he and his brother were on a hunting trip. Lord Eugene Matheson, who survived, took over as leader of the city. He was a bad lord however, and the city quickly fell apart.

Eugene frantically tried to build walls around the city and prevent anyone from going in and out. This hold was tenuous, and the people tried to uprise. He was forced to call his soldiers to defend the nobles, the castle, and the walls. The Lennox Guard still on the streets were corrupt, so with no guards to stop crime, chaos ensued. Those that were lucky fled. Many died in this time, but when it was all done about half the city population remained.

Those who talk to Hubert Matheson hear a different story. He says that his brother lured him out to adventure with the intent to kill him, and he wasn’t working alone. The falling apart of Lennox is just further reason his brother must be dealt with. Hubert is intent on getting the head of Lord Eugene Matheson.

Regardless, for years gangs, peasants, nobles, and guards fought each other and themselves. Eventually from the chaos rose the “Admiral”, who seemed to unite much of the city streets. The lord still had the nobles, castle, and the city guard which weren’t on the “Admiral’s” side. Even when the “Admiral” appeared to push the lord’s troops back to only the castle and noble quarter, he still didn’t have full control over the city. Alot of people despised the “Admiral”, even more so when the Admiral’s men continued the lord’s actions to keep anyone from travelling in and out of the city.

The “Admiral” kind’ve has the majority of the population on his side now. This means the people who keep the city functioning are in territories he considers his, but that doesn’t mean they are all part of the Admiral’s men. The Admiral’s men is really like a giant gang, and only has those who are able to fight. Other gangs were, and still are, a major problem. Certain streets are considered territory of certain gangs, and are a danger to anyone else. The Admiral’s men have the job of defending most of the city from the other gangs.

As if they didn’t have it hard enough, after the Admiral’s men took the city, their women rebelled. Apparently this was due to prolonged abuse since Lennox first went into civil disorder. The wives and playthings of the Admiral’s men were sick of how things were, and a few of them sought protection with the only temple left in the city, owned by the Way of Stone. While the Admiral’s men were distracted by fighting, news of this small group of women spread. Others quickly joined, until it was a force to be reckoned with, eventually under protection of the “Priestess”.

The women raided the alchohol stores that the Admiral’s men loved so much. They gathered around the Hopefuls Inn and temple to the Way of Stone, refusing to acknowledge the “Admiral” as leader of the city. At first the “Admiral” tried to disperse this group by force, but most of his men refused to fight their own women. Negotiating started, and now the Admiral’s men give the women whatever they need, in return for alchohol and companionship. Naturally the men didn’t want to let the women go once they got a hold of some, but they quickly learned that the retaliation for such actions are not worth it.

The Admiral’s men now consider the women a harmless group, who annoyingly seem to have all the power that a wife normally holds, but with alot less of the benefits. Much of the survivability of the women is due to the Admiral’s men taking and defending the area surrounding the Hopefuls Inn. That is not to say that some groups of the men don’t try to take the place by force every now and again. Oddly, if it looks like the “Priestess” will be overwhelmed, the Lennox Guard tends to show up in time to disperse the gangs.

The western section of the city is more of a free area. That is where the majority of normal peasants are, surrounded on one side by gangs, and on the other walls manned by the Admiral’s men. This very large group usually lives in fear and does nothing to affect what they see as the 3 main power players of the city, the “Admiral”, the “Priestess”, and the lord.

Lord Eugene Matheson and the “Admiral” both think they own this area still, and when the Lennox Guard or the Admiral’s men come around the peasants go along with whatever happens. They prefer the “Admiral” over the lord, because they blame Lord Eugene Matheson for ruining the city. Yet when it’s time for the Lennox Guard or the Admiral’s men to defend against the gangs, they are almost never around. This means the peasants have to form their own gangs, which is more like a neighborhood watch. The full time members of this ragtag militia have very recent started the Mercenary Guild.


Lennox never had all of the religions present to begin with, but in all the chaos the religious buildings were either purposefully destroyed, or depleted of effectiveness due to the vast numbers of people flocking to them for help.

The Poor Monks near Lennox were always good fighters. They tried to help keep the city under control but being outside the city meant they were easily segregated. They still maintain their monastery, 100’ from the middle of the north wall, and have become mostly self sufficient. Bandits no longer try to attack them, except if a small group of monks tries to make it’s way to Brimm or Hammond for any reason. People who must travel near Lennox, which would be a strange circumstance indeed, can find refuge with the Poor Monks.

The only religion to survive inside the city is the Way of Stone. The years of conflict have eliminated all the original members of the clergy, except for the “Priestess”. If it weren’t for her taking the women and a few good men under her wing, she wouldn’t even have the new temple volunteers to teach.


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