This is one of the religions of Baladras. The Purifiers have taken fire as their symbol. Typical followers will wear alot of red, orange, or yellow, but the fire can be displayed in various ways.

The Purifiers hate most anything that taints humanity, which mostly means possess, corrupt, or manipulate. Though they don’t like anything inhuman either, even if it has no ability to do such things. They believe this even with the lack of things in Baladras which aren’t human, because they hear outside the country such things exist.

Members of this group are known to take matters into their own hands, and sometimes get in trouble for it. Because of this, people joke that if you have Purifiers after you the worst place to hide is in jail. Some people think the Purifiers protect the country from evil spirits, because there are none around. Others say that logic is flawed and it’s just as likely that shirts protect from evil spirits.

The original Purifiers believed that anything that wasn’t a non-evil human was free to be killed, used, or ignored. Others pointed out that allowing so much freedom on killing could easily lead to evil Purifiers, but the group didn’t really care. At least not until a few hundred years ago when unknown forces caused the death of about 1/5 of the Purifiers over a week, which included all of their high command. The group wasn’t able to recover immediately, and almost died out, but it was eventually remade with a slightly better set of views. The group never did overcome the fear people have, so sometimes it’s hard for them to get new members.


Most members of the group don’t know what exists outside of humanity, but don’t like any of it regardless. The group believes that undead, demons, devils, angels, elves, elementals, and fey are the reincarnated spirits of the dead. Other creatures are either animals or inhuman races. Anything listed can be used or ignored, unless it’s evil. Evil spirits, people, and objects are fit only to be destroyed. Be suspicious of all neutral things, because they can turn evil at any time.

Humans need to stick together, everything else is competition. Don’t do anything evil or you become evil. Purifier wisdom never gets detailed, it’s very simple.


The Purifiers only want those who are willing to do something. Members can be active or inactive. Active members do things, inactive members are considered temporarily out of the group, but when they activate they keep their rank. Low Purifiers only know a member’s rank if it is lower, higher Purifiers are just known to be obeyed. Higher ranking Purifiers can command anyone lower, and orders can only be undone by a higher majority of members of the same rank, or anyone even higher.

Active members are organized into circles with 7 levels of secrecy. Higher circles monitor everything about lower members, and decide when someone gains rank. This is usually based on knowledge, accomplishment, and skill, but suspicion can prevent promotion. Information about the highest circles is unknown.

The religion uses the following terminology for it’s members;

Initiate: A person who has just pledged to join. They are basically good as mobs.

Purifier: A real member who has a clue about what they’re doing.

Adept: Someone who knows the rank under them really doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Hunter: A member who has proven competence at destroying and has at least basic knowledge of the enemy.

Inquisitor: An expert in helping to purify the human race.

Sanctimon: A successful inquisitor who’s past actions were never questionable.

Incorrupta: Highest rank of the Purifiers.


Apathetics: Probably criminals.

Grim Order: Probably necromancers.

Poor Monks: Probably bandits.

Purifiers: Probably dangerous… wait a second!

The Shield: Probably not human, but not a concern.

Way of Glass: Probably need to stop talking.

Way of Stone: Probably get paid too much.


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