The Shield

The Shield is a big island between the Eastern Lands and Western Lands. It is about equal distance from Phasmavis, Baladras, Dulcetti, and Senna. Despite this The Shield is considered part of the Eastern Lands. Travelling directly north will reach Lepitia.

It is roughly the shape of an upside down shield, which is where it gets it’s name. This was decided back when The Shield didn’t have full maps of the world. Later when they discovered more they changed which way was north on the maps, placing themselves upside down. The Shield is by far the most travelled country, having sailed around the world, mapped it, and even named it. Almost all other countries use The Shield’s maps, a view which is called “The Shield view”.

The religions of The Shield are all combined into a single philosophy, which is decided on and overseen by various Orders. The Shield often does not agree with the religions of other places, so it’s people try to enforce their own beliefs on the rest of the world.

The Shield is known to most of the world, even if others don’t know where it’s located. The Shield has a reputation for being self righteous and stubborn. This popularity is because of the large number of Crusaders which originate from here. These people are on self appointed quests, usually to purge the rest of the world of evil and corruption. The Crusader is just a name, not a title, so the person can come from any Orders of The Shield.

It is these Orders which determine a person’s career, if they choose to have one. The Grand Masters of these Orders also have the title of “Ruling Official”, which forms a council which acts as the government of the land.

The people of The Shield see themselves as the last salvation for The Accursed Sphere.

The Shield

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