the "spymaster's" assassins

The Group joined with the “Spymaster” and 10 Resistance fighters to take out Kaunatha, a hero of the Blacksoul Army. This is a target the “Spymaster” had been following for weeks, and now was the most opportune time to try this. The person was supposed to be secretly sheltered in an orphanage for the night.

The team snuck their way to the orphanage and climbed on the roof to get to the building’s small courtyard. As it turns out, the women working at the orphanage were also the whores for the adjacent barracks. Quickly but not quietly taking out soldiers and whores as they went, the team came accross what appeared to be an empty room. The Blacksoul hero was hiding in the rafters, and the whole thing was actually a counter-ambush.

Using a tunnel between the barracks and whore orphanage, a dozen Blacksoul guards came in to help their hero fight. The fight would’ve been lost if the Group wasn’t there. Not only did they kill the hero and cause the remaining guards to flee, Melcher followed them down the tunnel and started slaughtering the barracks before he was called back for the getaway.

The fastest way out was through the front door, so that’s what the cell members were going to do. However, the remaining whores and about 20 children were in that room. Without pause the “Spymaster” ordered the team to kill them all, and started swiping at kids with is daggers. To avoid the whole situation Kareem color sprayed the group, clearing a direct path to the exit.

There was a talking to by the the “Spymaster” to the Group about what the Blacksoul people are, and why they shouldn’t hesitate to kill, even if it’s children. This advice was taken with a grain of salt.

the "spymaster's" assassins

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