Trials of the Elements 1

Trials of elements are common to some Gein nomads, usually as a coming of age test or to advance in some position.

The Blacksoul group found a place where the trials of all 4 elements could be done. It was an ancient cavern that was used by all tribes during the days of the Gein Kingdom. A small nearby water tribe claimed that Togwa tampered with the water section of the trials by vandalizing and unbalancing it with his minions.

They took the tests as a group. A ghostly figure of a elemental priest told them about the trials. All trials are supposed to consist of at least 3 tests: a test of trust, a test of wisdom, and a test of strength. To access a trial the aspirants must first answer the riddle or question asked to them by the ghostly priest.

The water trial’s decorations were all destroyed. Test takers were supposed to jump in the water and swim to the other side, hoping that they didn’t drown or the shark eat them. Inhabiting the area was some salamanders (snake beings from the plane of fire). A water elemental held the shark back, and then allied itself with the Group against the salamanders. This fight passed as their test of strength, or else the elemental just passed them without testing.

The air trial test of trust was that the wind would carry test takers to the other side of a lightning pit. An air elemental then formed to fight. Melcher almost defeated it single handedly with his epic acrobatics and jumping skills, though he was magically assisted by his friends.

The fire trial gave the options of running through walls of fire or swimming a trench that was filled with water. From the fire 2 small salamanders attacked the Group, but were easily dispatched. These seemed to be the last of Togwa’s minions here. Melcher ran through the flames, which did’t hurt him. On the other side a fire elemental formed and roared angrily, throwing a temper tantrum. When it realized the Group was there to take the test of fire it calmed down. It mentioned that Togwa would soon rule the testing chambers, and got ready to fight. It was easily defeated.

Last was the earth trial, which consisted of a pit with 3 large obsidian cylinders covered in spikes. Such a setup would grind up anyone who fell into it. Test takers normally climb the stone walls to get across, but the Group dropped down past the cylinders and climbed up the other side using rope and hook. The earth elemental waiting on the other side mentioned how he’d never seen anyone pass using that tactic, then when all group members were up, he attacked. This fight was not so easy, but the Group still won.

With all the trials completed the group now had all the pieces of a magic heart amulet. They also earned the right to leave. The ghostly priest congratulated them and wished them well as he opened the way out for them.

Trials of the Elements 1

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