Way of Stone

One of the main religions of Baladras. The official symbol for the Way of Stone is a stack of stone tablets with chiseled writing, but only the most dedicated members seem to display it.

The religion has a large following with government and military types, but these are only supporters, not full fledged members. Despite how closely the Way of Stone and local law systems work together, it is the law of Baladras that religious leaders cannot be a part of the government, and both groups feel safer that way.

The Way of Stone are present for almost anything related to justice or rule making. In Baladras there are no court rooms, the churches to the Way of Stone are used for trials. Way of Stone followers are the most likely people to try and get new laws created or modified. Quite often failed investigations the local guards declared dead ends were solved by a small group of Way of Stone members. The support of magic users does give the Way of Stone an advantage, so most crimes are investigated by local guards with aid from the Way of Stone temple.

Members of the group tend to get involved in things as early as possible, to make sure a good framework is set up for future prosperity. Despite their bureaucratic nature, they do not delay excessively.


They are the most literal out of all the religions, and will support things even if they don’t like it. The group supports law and rules over anything else. They believe that for something to be good it must be useful, logical, and/or generally beneficial. Something that is bad would be the opposite. The group uses “good and bad,” instead of “good and evil.”

This strict adherence to the rules is why they are so obsessed with making sure the rules are perfect. For government, they will follow any current leader, but they have tried to make the system work in a way where bad leaders could never stay in charge. It is because of them that leaders don’t have free reign to do whatever they want, leaders who harm society have ways to be removed. So with only good leaders around, the majority of decisions should be good ones.

A perfect system is one that prevents bad things from even being possible. With a good system, members in it should be forced to be good, even if they actually aren’t. In places where there are no rules, the basic rule of humanity is “be good, not evil.” To do things any other way results in pure chaos, and there is no benefit to that.

They don’t mention evil much in their religious writings. Basically it is thought that evil is irrelevant. With the right system evil would be unable to do anything bad. Evil isn’t trustworthy, but good rules mean evil deserves fair treatment too, and hopefully setting a good example like that will make evil see the error of it’s ways.

They see the system falls apart in areas where there is a bad system, or no system at all. Any system is a bad system if it constanty disallows following the “be good, not evil” rule. What would first have to be done is the setup of a functional system then the destruction of the old one. This means they would be supporting revolutions, but this part of the philosophy is irrelevant, because Baladras is a united country and has little outside contact.


The recognized ranks of the Way of Stone are complicated. There is a difference between supporters and actual members. Supporters are just people who agree with the philosophy, but they still have their uses. Members have ranks, membership is usually a full time job in some sort of supportive, investigative, or law related role.

The member ranking system has a universal foundation, which is based off military ranks. Further complication is added with newly created temporary ranks, which vary by location and authority as needs arise. Typically Way of Stone members only understand who is above who in their own area.


Apathetics: It’s good to have input from all walks of life, but isn’t there better things to do?

Grim Order: Suspicious, but so are locksmiths.

Poor Monks: Antisocial, but so is the Grim Order.

Purifiers: Antisocial, they should live with the Poor Monks.

The Shield: They are successful at rooting out evils, but think they are above the law.

Way of Glass: Great people to work with or have find problems for you.

Way of Stone: Without us, the government would be hopeless.

Way of Stone

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