Brogan Cormac

Triple Grand Master and the most famous crusader of The Shield.


A tall and strong fellow with no hair and a goatee.


Religion/Shield history check
5 A Crusader from The Shield who was famous hundreds of years ago. Nicknamed “Brogan the Thrice Blessed”. He has three holidays spaced out evenly over the year.

10 He was in the Order of the Battle Priest but acted as a lone Crusader for much of his life. He returned to the Shield after being thought dead for nearly a decade, where he joined the Order of the Inquisitor and the Order of the Knight of The Shield. Much later he became Grand Master of all 3, and is the only person to have been Grand Master of more than one Order at the same time.

15 His knowledge surpassed that of most in those Orders, and he was able to correct them on things that were wrong as well as teach them things they never knew. Before his rise to Grand Master, the three Orders he was in each saw he was truly a rarity, so each performed a special blessing to help him in the struggle against evil. It is rare enough for anyone to receive the ceremonies, and never in The Shield history has anyone received more than one. Brogan left again, and again was thought dead, but returned 20 years later. He made changes to the structure and training of his three Orders, which also partially influenced most of the other Orders of The Shield. Shortly after this he died, at 70 years old.

20 Brogan was promoted to Marshall in the 3 Orders the day he received their blessings, despite going out again as a Crusader shortly after. He got the blessings when he was 35, and they seemed to keep him from declining due to age. When he returned again at 55 he made mention of the pig people and the demonic armies in the east, which is where he focused much of his attention. The reason for his return was because he fled from a losing battle with The Deceiver, and found out he was poisoned. There was no cure for the poison, so he did what he could to perfect the ways of his Orders before he passed on. His ashes were scattered around the properties of his three Orders.

25 He requested that nothing about him or his life go to waste. His last words were, “Only a whole person, pure with their intents, can be considered perfect good. I lacked the patience to let evil reform their ways. But from what I’ve seen there is no time to dawdle, evil must be stopped as quickly, and in as many ways as possible. But even the most physical warrior needs faith to protect him, and a mind to guide him, so I ask that all people in the Shield try to be so enlightened. I have tried my best to become perfect good, but I feel that even I was far off. Failure is not bad, what matters is the cause and effort. Now that my time is nearly ended, I only wish that nothing of me or my life go to waste. My mind, body, and soul are anathema to the unholy. Let my deeds never be forgotten or tainted by The Deceiver. Let my story continue to inspire others in their struggle. Let my knowledge and what I taught go to further the causes of all my allies. Let my blood become acid to the physical forms of evil. Let my bones become weapons, and my skin armor those who would wield me. What is left can be burned and used to bless the grounds of my Orders. I think to offer my soul to power any items that we could create, but instead would rather be cursed and damned upon death and given no funeral rites. Hopefully the fighting, cursing, and burning will send my soul to The Blackness where I can continue the fight against evil, until they find a way to totally destroy me.”

Brogan Cormac

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