Terrain and Creatures
The terrain of Baladras is mostly patches of grass or dark dirt. There are very few trees, but hills, rock outcroppings and even caves dot the land. Hills and mountains are mainly in the eastern part of the country, but give way to flat land again before one reaches Deus ex Lithos. Being in the southwestern part of the Eastern Lands, Baladras touches the ocean, but the coast is dangerously rocky and most land areas end in cliffs.

Life outside the cities is gloomy. Travelers are rare and the sun barely shows itself.

Besides a few wild animals there are no dangerous creatures in the country. The majority of dangerous encounters come from other humans. Bandits are common, but most disband before they work their way up to brigands.

The history of the country is like it’s people, there isn’t much to say and things are relatively unknown. The only history that is well kept are bureaucratic records.

Life in Baladras is one of fear. Due to unknown forces people tend to stay quiet and poor, and that’s how they prefer it. If someone decided to take a profitable risk to become more known, they would find that it is easy to make money, but they have to guess where that line of wealth is that they shouldn’t cross.

The religions of Baladras play a huge role in people’s lives.

The government of Baladras is quiet but it’s people are well known. Probably due to unknown forces, the leaders of the country usually live a life which is modest for nobility, and only make decisions when they need to. Most leaders actually stay in hiding their whole life, but there are no doubts of who is in charge.

Each city and town has a lord, who controls the settlements nearby their town or city. So long as they don’t do something that would bring disaster to themselves, the leaders are free to make any decisions they wish. It is not unheard of for lords to go to war with each other, but it is rare.

There is a king who isn’t much different from a lord. The king is whoever has the most populous city, and therefore should have the most power, and therefore can enforce his will if need be. Because the king’s city is the capitol, more people flock to it, so the capitol has been Catterman for as long as history goes back. Currently the king is King Anten Catterman.


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