A large town 14 days north of Lennox and 14 days south of Natalbany.

Most outsiders know of it because of it’s Arena and torture wagons. The town is named after the Brimm Stones, a tall rock outcropping that the original founders built around.

The reputation of Brimm, and it’s lord, is that they are dark and barbaric. Yet those who visit find the population is happy and the crime rate of the surrounding area is the lowest in the country. Some say that this only causes the criminals to be smarter, and point at bandits, but Lord Hakar says that’s an absurd arguement.

Judge Rundi said the city gathers up the worst criminals to be publicly tortured. Only recently has Lord Trebius Hakar ordered Brimm torture wagons to pass by Lennox in hopes that the people will stop their activity.


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