Brimm Judges

In the city of Brimm, those with the title of “Judges” are legally allowed to act as judge, torturer, and executioner. They even have the power to bestow permission for others to act as judge, torturer, or executioner.

They are mostly known because each of the Brimm torture wagons is led by a Judge. Judges hire their own mercenaries to guard their wagons, often those they trust, or from a list of city recommended individuals. Signing any contract to work for a Judge is considered a legal contract with the city itself.

So Judges and the wagon guards are both employees of the government. A person has much to learn about law, and must have a flawless past, before they can be approved as a Judge. Wagon guards merely have to not be currently wanted for a crime.

The powers of a Judge are obviously subject to abuse, which is why the city is very strict on monitoring what the Judges do. Judges don’t really give permissions for others to do things, they order it. To refuse a Judge is to refuse a court order. However, a Judge is held accountable for anything he orders done, not the servant. Therefore it’s obvious why Judges rarely bestow any extra powers to anyone outside of their immediate supervision.

Brimm Judges

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