Demine murder

When Quinn Marcus Antar, “Six”, and Graal first entered Demine they discovered the village was upset over the death of Jonah Baker. The mayor assigned everyone who was foreign to the village to work on the case, which ended up adding Kurt Renard to the Group.

They gathered everyone and Graal discovered Dartsin and Rick “the Bandit” were evil. Apprehending Rick they find a ring that matches imprints found on Jonah, which bear the mark of House Samsung. Searching his apartment, they discover a large hidden idol of a dragon head, and destroy it.

Rick was acting as a small time fence, and Jonah was interested in buying a wedding ring. Rick “the Bandit” killed Jonah Baker, possibly to prevent him from revealing something. Rick left a mark on Jonah with the House Samsung signet ring in an attempt to frame Rob Samsung.

The case was solved because Rick was a bad liar, but alot of things were left unanswered. Hammond was close by and Demine had no jail, so the Group brought Rick “the Bandit” there, where he was eventually tried and executed.

Demine murder

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