Grim Order

The Grim Order is one of the major religions of Baladras. The group is accepted, but others tend to dislike their death related symbols.


There is alot of variation in the rules and beliefs of the Order, even in the same temple. However, the main belief of their entire philosophy is always the same: “Everything is already dead, and this is an unpleasant afterlife.”

The fundamentals of the philosophy is based mostly on good and evil;

  • Good actions make people good.
    • If something good dies here then it is given a chance to relive.
      • Anywhere you go after here will be better.
      • Although killing a good person may seem like a good act, killing good is itself an evil act.
  • Evil actions make people evil.
    • No action taken against evil can ever be considered evil.
    • A good act which helps evil is evil.
    • An evil act to help good, is still an evil act.
    • If something evil dies here it ceases to exist.
  • Most things are often good and evil.
    • Animals are good and evil, unintelligent things are neither.
    • For actions, what matters is to which way the action sways.
    • Inaction is never evil, but it’s not good.

Due to the above most believers see the point in this life as a chance to go somewhere better. They see non-existence as the worse option, but if you really failed to be good during your life then at least you won’t suffer when you die. Therefore it’s a common trait for a believer to have no fear of death. This same way of thinking also makes alot of believers not care about doing anything, especially once they already think they’re good.

One tends to question whether there is any goal of the religion, and there isn’t. A person’s goals are their own decision, the philosophy is merely a way to explain how things work. Because people who care about the afterlife and their next existence want it to get better, overall the Grim Order acts good. Ultimately what a believer does is by choice, so there is no rules for conduct, members choose to be united due to common interests.


The followers of the religion are more varied than the number of variations on the teachings, mainly due to it’s lack of behavior guidelines. Some followers seek to try to make others good, even if they are currently bad, seeing the potential to spread good as making up for the evil act of helping evil. Some followers go around only to judge and destroy evil. There are also many followers who only care about themselves not becoming evil and do nothing to help others.

As for a setup, there is an administration which oversees things on behalf of the religion. Officially the religion recognizes it’s followers in the following terms;

Believers: Are those who believe the fundamentals are true, nothing more. Many tend to carry a bit of bone or some other death related object on them, often as a necklace. They may or may not attend religious services.

Volunteer: Are believers who do something to help the Grim Order in some way. They usually wear the black tabard with a giant white skull on it, at least while they are doing something for them. Most people who fight for the Order achieve this rank, and never go higher. Volunteers often perform as if they are in an actual organization, reporting in, being asked to do things, and gaining reputation. There is often payment for services. Volunteers don’t have to attend religious services, but many do. To become a higher rank means wanting to become a full fledged priest.

Initiate: If a person wants to get into the administration of the group they must talk with someone above Initiate rank to get recommendation. This recommendation goes up to higher members of the group until someone makes the decision if they are accepted, or unwanted for a specific reason. Initiates are never refused unless someone finds a reason that the applicant would make the Grim Order worse. Initiates don’t get paid, so they are like volunteers, however they are considered to have a boss and duties. Mainly their duty is to learn the ways of the Grim Order. Should the person become of negative benefit to the Order, or not learn what is needed within a realistic time, they lose their rank. If the person does well and learned what was needed they can move up to Devotee.

Devotee: Those that learn the ways of the Grim Order have passed their trial as Initiates. They become part of the group’s framework, so they now get paid, but they have things they must do. They know enough to do religious services, that, training, and overseeing Initiates are the most common duties. For the member to gain rank there has to be a gap somewhere in the Order.

Guides: They do the same things as Devotees, but also watch over and direct Devotees. They report to higher ranking members and see what needs to be done. Often a Guide is in charge of trying to accomplish an assigned goal, or are stationed as temple leaders in villages.

Director: These members are in charge of towns, or sectors of large cities. Their main purpose is to know everything that happens in their area to inform the Commanders.

Commanders: A single member is stationed in each of the main temples in any settlement that has a government official of lord or higher rank. They work with local government on behalf of the Grim Order when necessary. They receive the reports of the Directors near them, but are also supposed to know what is going on outside of those areas. They work with other Commanders, forming the ruling council that makes the official decisions for the religion. Commanders communicate with other Commanders nearby, meeting each new month if there is a reason. Each new year all Commanders are required to meet at a place chosen months beforehand, important decisions are made and all records are checked for discrepancies. Commanders are the main administrators for their area, keeping track of things such as income and how it is spent. They also act as Warlords if the Grim Order is involved in a large scale conflict.


Apathetics: Doing nothing is better than doing bad things.

Grim Order: We would like to see more of our members actively trying to move on to a better place.

Poor Monks: They have the right idea, but they are doing it the slow and sure way, very slow.

Purifiers: A bit too fanatical. If we believed in hell we’d say they dressed early.

The Shield: This is the way things should be done.

Way of Glass: We don’t know why we always run the graveyards either, but we figure if you did that’s what you’d be complaining about.

Grim Order

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