Hammond is a large town not far from the southwest shore of Baladras. Much of the town’s success is attributed to Lord Argus Hammond, but 16 years ago he died of old age. Currently the town is ruled over by Lord Viln Hammond, who has added to it’s prosperity. Now the town is like a sub-capitol in it’s part of the country.

The town is surrounded by 12’ walls. It would be rectangular shape except for a newer rectangular wall section sticking out from the west side. The western addon contains the town’s graveyard, which actually holds the graves from all the villages under Lord Hammond’s control. This was done because of grave robbings that were done in the recent past.

A second wall was added to the north to hold specialty plantations of certain nobles. This area is 120’ wide, and runs the length of the north wall. In the middle of the town are 2 other square sections of wall. The innermost contains the castle and noble houses, known as the Noble Ring (the noble houses line the walls, the castle is in the middle). Around the Noble Ring is the Merchant Ring, which has it’s own wall.

The corners of the original walls have 3 gates space along the east and west walls. The Noble Ring and Merchant Ring walls have a gate near each corner. Gates are like large double doors and are usually kept open at all times. They are only closed for emergencies, like invasion, riots, or to prevent a criminal’s escape. It’s common for people to use the areas behind these large doors as temporary housing, or even run a personal business. The guards don’t mind, and their presence makes this a very secure place to be.

Sometimes important buildings have their own small wall sections around them, but these are just for privacy, these walls are not fortifiable or easily walked on. This is usually important government areas where normal citizens don’t need to go, such as barracks, the sewer entrance, and the garbage burning pit. Though other things have walls too, like the town park, the outdoor theatre, and most of the buildings belonging to the religions of Baladras.

Town Layout
The center of the town has the Noble Section, with the castle and noble houses. Around that is the Merchant Ring, with the majority of shops and merchant residences. Most of the important government areas are south of the Merchant Ring, along with storage areas, and the outdoor theatre. The northwest of the town has the large supporting businesses, like the stables, herders, and lumber yard. There is a park near the south wall. Most of the religious buildings are near the central west gate, which is also near the graveyard entrance.

Because of the large financial and bureaucratic activities of Hammond, a significant majority of the inhabitants are a rotation of travellers. There are many restaurants and inns near the central western gate, with the rest spread about evenly around the city.

There is also a large number of poor folk, referred to as “beggars”. These exist in 2 main sections, called the “Beggar Slums”. One is against the north wall, and the other is bigger and near the south wall. Such areas house criminals, but the people in the slums aren’t usually the targets. The Hammond Guard doesn’t do much to look after the Beggar Slums, but they always look there first when they’re trying to find someone.

The Hammond Guard
The Hammond Guard are Lord Hammond’s soldiers. There are 4 sub-groups who have special duties. Bodyguards mainly protect the Lord and castle. Jailors deal with anything related to criminal processing. Riders patrol lands owned by Lord Hammond and keep settlements in contact. The Watchmen man walls and act as lookouts and ranged support. The remaining guards do everything else.

Near each gate out of the town are the major barracks, but there are a few others scattered around the town.

The Leader
Lord Viln Hammond is typically referred to as “Lord Hammond”. Like his father he is liked by most people and knows how to succeed in Baladras. He is rarely seen though, and is sometimes accused of doing too little. His isolation may not be surprising though, because bad things seem to happen to people who are too successful.


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