Hammond Guard

The Hammond Guard can be found all over Hammond. The Hammond Guard also contains 4 sub-groups with specific duties. Until recently the Hammond Guard was only found in Hammond, they never patrolled the countryside or had members in Lord Hammond’s villages. It was Captain Will Warson who convinced Lord Viln Hammond that there was more going on in his territory than expected. The Hammond Guard then received new mounted Rider squads to patrol lands in between settlements, and villages each have a small barracks and get a rotation of Guards.

When on guard at a location they are never found in groups of less than 3, and never do more than 4 hours per shift. Guards serve more than 4 hours a day, but the rest of the time is for training and necessities. The Guard is suspicious of everything, but are usually reasonable in dealing with others. They are known to do little preventative measures for crime, but have a good reputation for figuring things out afterwards. Although the credit may need to go to Hammond’s Way of Stone temple for their frequent assistance.

The normal Hammond Guard are just soldiers, their job is to do whatever is needed, be ready for conflict, and make sure the other guard sub-groups are doing their job. They are also the ones who get rotation time in the villages near Hammond.

Some of the Hammond Guard are divided into sub-groups with specific jobs, each led by a captain;
Bodyguards protect the Lord and do security for the castle and in other important situations.

Jailors do everything related to criminal processing and prison maintenance. Captain Will Warson is in charge of them, and is becoming rather popular.

Riders are mounted, they patrol Lord Hammond’s lands and keep contact between settlements.

Watchmen man the walls, watching for dangers in and out of the city, and giving ranged support to other guards. They usually don’t man the Merchant Ring wall unless necessary.

Appearance and Equipment
The Hammond Guard wear the colors of Hammond, having dark blue tabards with red borders. They have chain mail with chain coifs, daggers, and large wooden kite shields. Most guards also carry a longsword, but some carry a different weapon, usually a spear, warhammer, or battle ax. Guards with ranged weapons have heavy crossbows in addition. Rider units have chain mail, chain coif, dagger, lance, large wooden kite shield, light crossbow, and horses.

Hammond Guard

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