House on the Hill

A tavern from a time long ago, which seemed to have a large variety of sinful patrons. Some inhabitants were still around as ghosts or ghouls. There also seemed to be a monk that the House kept protected, who was somehow connected with the storm and the haunting. The place is just a shell of a building now, though Baelamus still remains.

On the way from Hammond to Lennox, while posing as guards for Jeffrey Tailor, the Group ended up stopping at what appeared to be a lively tavern by itself along the road. It was a really bad storm, so it looked like a good place to hole up for the night. Some of the Group went inside, some stayed with the wagons. A guard came out to tell those of us that didn’t go in that it was his job to guard such things. It was a pointless conversation, then Graal quickly came out of the place and mentioned the whole place was evil. Everyone then decided to go inside to check it out.

The House on the Hill tavern looked like a wild place with a fun party atmosphere, but once everyone was inside everything disappeared and brown brick blocked all the windows and exits. The Group encountered some ghouls they could barely tolerate, but let 2 of them live because it was thought they could be redeemed, and they might be required to get free. From them the Group learned that the ghouls are not allowed on the lower floor, because a monk fights them off. The ghouls were convinced to help the Group and told that it may help redeem them. They agreed, though it wasn’t for the reasons the Group wanted.

They also met a horrifying ghost named Baelamus, who wasn’t hostile. Bell the Harlot was supposed to be another ghost, but we only smelled her perfume once, and never saw her. The Group found out that there was a monk in the pillar on the bottom floor, who seems to be connected to the haunted place. They tried to have the ghouls get him out, but that was useless. Brill took a mace and eventually smashed through the bricks, which would actually fall away and try to animate to repair itself. This took some time, but at some point it revealed the zombified body of a monk behind the wall. The rest of the bricks fell away and the “Monk” came out.

Graal put his hand on his sword and the monk took it as an offensive gesture, and got ready to retaliate. Readying to retaliate got Graal ready for conflict, and him drawing his sword caused the “Monk” to attack. The “Monk” was a much better fighter than the Group, but he was surrounded. Baelamus may have won the fight, not only turning the “Monk”, but also the ghouls who were going to charge in to help him.

The “Monk” and ghouls were killed while they were cowering in the corners. With the “Monk” dead the House turned back to an old ruin, meaning the Group was no longer trapped and were sittinig in the dark of night. For some reason the storm was connected to the “Monk” and the House, and the storm outside lessened considerably after his death.

The Group spent the next day doing simple funeral services, and burying the dozens of bodies from the place. Jeffrey didn’t feel right knowing that things the like found in that House existed.

House on the Hill

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