Mercenaries are those that fight for money. They are basically soldiers, but usually with less loyalty to a specific cause. Some mercenaries are under permanent employment for a person or cause. Mercenaries that do the same duties for a long time sometimes gain a true loyalty for whatever their purpose is, and it’s not unheard of for such mercenary groups to be converted into a special unit of a real military.

In Baladras mercenary life is looked down on. Those who fight for money are obviously lacking in morals. Many cities disallow mercenaries, because it makes it too easy to buy trouble, and no one should need their own soldiers. Large numbers of armed people who aren’t city guards tend to make people nervous.

What makes mercenaries even more rare, is people fear each other enough as it is, so the fear of having your mercenaries be bought out by the enemy makes it unappealing. Furthermore, there isn’t much conflict in Baladras, which is what mercenaries usually thrive on. Typically all there is to do is protect against muggers and bandits. If someone wanted to fight bandits they’d have a more interesting time doing it on their own, or even forming their own group for it.

Despite this, there are those in Baladras who make a living and would technically be considered mercenaries. Wagoneers and important people offer payment to those who will protect them when they travel. Nobles and businesses also like to hire doormen, bodyguards, and security. When cities fight against each other, they sometimes forget their own laws about mercenaries, doing whatever is needed to win.

Important mercenary groups of Baladras;
Mercenary Guild: This is a group in Lennox which arose from the oppressed peasant population when Lennox was in anarchy. During the anarchy they acted as protectors of the poor.

Order of the Stake: While not mercenaries in the true sense, this group can be hired to go after evil things. They are a small group. They have a headquarters in Grimshaw.

In Blacksoul mercenaries would be illegal, because no one but the Blacksoul Army is allowed to carry weapons or armor outside of things required by one’s profession. Technically one could still hire themselves as a mercenary, but with no equipment they would probably suck, and probably get punished and harassed if they ever mentioned it. Technically hunters, especially monster hunters, are mercenaries.

Even though some people in the Blacksoul are allowed to be armed, the guards would be familiar with such persons to the extent that using the weapon for anything outside of the job requirements would be detected easily. Secretly and unofficially the government sometimes records what a person does and what weapons they use, so it’s almost like weapons and jobs are registered.


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