religions of Baladras

The main religions of Baladras have no gods. The philosophies are merely ways to live or groups that act a certain way. There is little travel out of Baladras, so it’s rare to find these in other places. The only outside culture that has an influence in the country is The Shield, but they do nothing but travel through and fight evils.

The 6 main religions are as follows (this list does not include cults);

Apathetics: A popular but unorganized group that believes change can’t come until the right time. They see the individual as unable to do anything, but in the past they moved to support certain changes, which always showed unexpected numbers of the populace will follow them. In a way, this group is nothing more than the populace itself.

Grim Order: A group who believes that everything is already in the afterlife, and this is the last chance to change. Fundamentally the philosophy is about good and evil, with good being the only way out of oblivion.

Poor Monks: The most popular religion. It’s members live outside of settlements and believe in a life of denial. Their fundamental belief is that bad things cause corruptis, which makes the soul impure.

Purifiers: This is the most militant religion, and hates anything that taints humanity. They believe many things are spirits, and evil ones should be destroyed, but are xenophobic of everything else.

Way of Glass: This group believes in being transparent in words and action. They do not hold back, often directly interfering where they think they should. They naturally have many who dislike them, but are a powerful group for their size.

Way of Stone: The most strict religion, they believe in law and logic over good and evil. They are not government employees, but are involved in most aspects of the Baladras justice system.

religions of Baladras

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