Western Lands

This is the western continent on the normal map view for the world known as The Accursed Sphere.

The countries and islands that are considered to be part of the Western Lands are as follows;

Bethlan: A foggy land with a rich past. The cities lead the world in scientific advancement, but the people outside the walls live in fear of local creatures. The Bethlan Church has hunters who track down criminals and hunt monsters.

Dulcetti: People who are stoic, superstitious, and self sufficient. They have closed borders, visitors are killed if they don’t leave.

The Fallen Kingdom: A kingdom that has apparently turned to shit.

Senna: A land of poor tanned farmers who are too spread out for a united government. Decisions are made on the local level by town councils. They are vital to the trade of the Western Lands.

The Theocracy of Doyle: A strict, church run, bureacracy.

Western Lands

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